Friday, April 18, 2014

Community - Basic Sandwich

Concluding the show's Fifth Season, "Basic Sandwich" finds the Save Greendale Committee searching the campus for the hidden computer lab of the college's founder (Chris Elliott) who disappeared in the 1970s (along with an entire wing of the school) while doing research on computer intelligence capable of emotion. Realizing that the circuitry of this creation was made almost entirely out of gold, the group searches frantically for treasure which they could use to stop Subway from buying the campus.

The bizarre treasure hunt leads Jeff (Joel McHale), Annie (Alison Brie), Britta (Gillian Jacobs), Dean Pelton, and Abed (Danny Pudi), and Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) into the depths of the school while also getting Professor Ian Duncan (John Oliver) electrocuted and leaving Buzz Hickey (Jonathan Banks) and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) the bean counters who want to insure the deal with Subway goes through.

"Basic Sandwich" works well as a season finale with a bizarre adventure involving hidden rooms, a mad scientist, saving the school at the last minute, and plenty of other craziness (such as psychic visions involving hang gliders and one of the funniest end credit sequences of the season), while also offering the types of character moments that the should could build on (such as Jeff admitting, at least to himself, where his feelings truly lie) should it return for a Sixth Season. Given the flashes of greatness Community has shown during and up-and-down Fifth Season I'm hoping NBC chooses to bring it back for one more season and allows Dan Harmon's cast and crew to finish their story and provide a proper farewell. #sixseasonsandamovie

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