Monday, April 28, 2014

Larfleeze #10

After destroying the citadel of the Otherworldy Gods of the House of Tuath-Dan, Larfleeze's search for his missing butler continues as Dyrge has taken Pulsar Stargrave from Sena the Wanderer (whose advances to Larfleeze fall on deaf ears) in an attempt to lay a trap for the Orange Lantern. What Dirge and her siblings don't count on, however, is the arrival of a second equally absurd ring slinger.

Although G'nort and Larfleeze have very little direct contact here, the sector-less Green Lantern does get plenty of time with both Laord of the Hunt and Sena (who takes out her mixed emotions concerning Larfleeze on the Green Lantern).

Although I think artist Scot Kolins does fine with the other characters here, I would have preferred a more over-the-top cartoonish take on G'Nort. That said, it's still good to have the Green Lantern Corps most absurd member back in action. Of course, I'm the guy who wanted to pitch a team-up book starring G'nort and Dex-Starr so I might be slightly biased. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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