Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scandal - Flesh and Blood

Setting all the pieces in place for next week's season finale, "Flesh and Blood" deals with the immediate fallout from Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) shutting down B-613 unaware that she's blinding the U.S. Government just as her mother and her co-conspirators have put together a plan to kill President Grant (Tony Goldwyn). Working with her father, against Jake's advice, Olivia and her team find the bombmaker who just happens to be Maya's (Khandi Alexander) one true love who Rowan (Joe Morton) gleeful murders when given the opportunity.

With the election less than a week away the threat to the President's life, which they can't tell anyone about with implicating Olivia's mother, keeps Fitz in the White House as Sally Langston (Kate Burton) begins to widen her lead. Olivia also has to deal with Sally's campaign sniffing around a paternity test for Mellie‘s (Bellamy Young) son leading to the increasingly drunk First Lady blurting out a secret to Olivia she has kept hidden for 15 years.

There are several takeaways from the episode. Rowan may be a master manipulator and bastard but he turns out to be an amateur compared to his wife who leaves him bleeding to death on the floor of Olivia Pope & Associates. Despite the death of James (Dan Bucatinsky), Cyrus (Jeff Perry) hasn't become any more forgiving as he chooses not to act on Jake's (Scott Foley) news of the true bomb site keeping the President in the White House while allowing Langston to attend realizing he can win the election through inaction.

With B-613 shut down the future of several characters is left up in the air including Rowan, Jake, Charlie (George Newbern), and Quinn (Katie Lowes)  whose relationship with Huck (Guillermo Díaz) is getting creepier episode by episode. As the show is returning for a Third Season its obvious Fitz will win his re-election, but we may get a glimpse next week at the cost of the bombing and how it will effect the soap opera inside the White House beginning with next week's season finale.

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