Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Mentalist - Silver Wings of Time

The investigation into the bombing of a bus stop planned to kill only a single victim leads the FBI to look into the case of a death row inmate (Oscar Torre) who the recent victim was trying to get released from prison before his schedule execution in only three days time. Tracking down the woman (Angelique Cabral) hired by a private eye to steal the victim's briefcase seconds before the explosion doesn't deliver any hard answers but does lead Abbot (Rockmond Dunbar) to suspect the proof the victim was gathering to stop the state of Texas from executing an innocent man must have been worth killing for.

After arranging for the FBI to arrest the husband (John de Lancie) of the original victim on a trumped up charge keeping both the man and his perky younger wife (Jud Tylor) under wraps for 24 hours, Jane (Simon Baker) enlists the help of all of his colleagues to arrange an elaborate bit of theater both over night and into the next morning to provide the right circumstances to elicit a confession. Although a bit over-complicated, the plan works and provides the opportunity for de Lancie to play up the petulant aggrieved party (something he does quite well).

Along with providing Jane and company the chance to play a long con on the person he suspects of multiple murders (which I correctly guessed was the new wife, not the professor), "Silver Wings of Time" also continues Lisbon (Robin Tunney) dating Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal) which changes the entire dynamic of the office in a way only Fischer (Emily Swallow) is willing to talk about about. If things do indeed get serious between Lisbon and Pike, it will be interesting to see where that leaves Jane (and whether or not it means the possible resumption of his relationship with Fischer begun during his time on the run).

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