Friday, April 11, 2014

Community - Basic Story

The first-half of Community's season finale offers the former Study Group, now the Save Greendale Committee, a problem unlike any they have faced before. After an insurance inspector takes a look over the campus and discovers all the work that's been done in recent months has actually turned Greendale Community College from a liability nightmare into a potentially profitable real estate, the land is quickly sold out from under the college to Subway.

Abed (Danny Pudi) is the only member of group to see the trouble brewing before it arrives, but even his attempt to hide from the story doesn't stop the realization that the Greendale they all love is doomed. Out of nowhere Jeff (Joel McHale) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) throw caution to the wind deciding to embrace their on-again/off-again flirtations back in the show's early episodes, before he began obviously favoring Annie (Alison Brie), and leave to get married. At least that's what they plan before Abed shows up with the discovery of story of buried treasure which may help stop the sale.

The Subway sale certainly fits into the bizarre nature of the show (what does the sandwich giant need with a crappy college campus?) while Abed's discovery of a buried treasure after mentioning a possibility of one earlier in his ramblings is certainly circumspect and I'd assume would play into next week's season finale. I've always been a bigger fan of the Jeff/Annie relationship than Jeff/Britta which I thought was pretty much played out after the pair stopped sleeping together. "Basic Story" is the second episode of this season to go back and embrace that relationship, so I'm guessing its here to stay (at least for one more week).

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