Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Atomic Robo: The Knights of the Golden Circle #2

Stranded in the past without a way home, Atomic Robo's western adventures continue as Robo comes to the aid of Doc Holiday and the other townspeople knowing he has to be very cognizant of his actions and their potential impact on history.

Atomic Robo: The Knights of the Golden Circle #2 features a good ol' fashioned gunfight in the middle of main street, explosions, plans for a mysterious futuristic cannon which in the wrong hands could be quite dangerous, and revelations to the reader as to face of the true enemy Robo must soon deal with (if he can get a handle on those pesky Butcher Boys first).

Assuming the role of Ironside (who he's mistaken for by both friend and foe), Robo is forced to take part in events leading to the kind of zany fun regular readers of his adventures have come to expect. The reveal of a nefarious plot involving Helsingard certainly raises the stakes (or at least it will once Robo catches sight of his old, but here younger, enemy). Worth a look.

[Red 5, $3.50]

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