Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pretty Little Liars - Thrown From the Ride

With Aria (Lucy Hale) obsessed about Shana (Aeriel Miranda), Emily (Shay Mitchell) helping train Sydney (Chloe Bridges) while avoiding Alison (Sasha Pieterse), and Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) focus on the discovery of Mrs. DiLaurentis' body and the secrets she correctly believes her family is keeping from her, it falls on Hanna (Ashley Benson) to accompany Alison to a medical check-up where several more questions about her missing time come up including the cause of knife wound the young woman refuses to discuss. The stress doesn't do much for Hanna either as she returns to her old shoplifting habits after following Alison's instructions to give more lies to her friends to memorize.

Refusing to stand against Mona (Janel Parrish) for Alison, but unwilling to let Emily walk into a mine field unaware, Paige (Lindsey Shaw) warns her ex-girlfriend that Alison's old enemies are gathering. Although Paige refuses to pick side its obvious that there's big trouble ahead for Alison and her friends from all those she wronged in the past. Alison finds some early attacks online where her social profile is lit up with far more people wishing her to die than those hoping for her return to Rosewood High. To keep Lucas (Brendan Robinson) on her side, Mona also clues him in that her entire kidnapping story is a lie which puts the Liars potentially all in harms way, particularly Aria, if the truth comes out.

Several times throughout the episode we see characters suspecting they are being watched (Emily outside her house, Hanna in the changing room), likely foreshadowing the return of A. Although a bit fragile in the hospital room, Alison is still clearing steering the course of the Liars journey which is already rubbing some the girls the wrong way. Next week's 100th episode of the series marks her official return to Rosewood High and a likely confrontation between Alison and Mona's little cabal. Spencer, in the meantime, has her own issues to deal with as all evidence seems to point to her father having something to do with their neighbor's death as the Hastings household is slowly crushed from the secrets they are hiding from the outside world and each other.

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