Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Longmire - Reports of My Death

Walt (Robert Taylor) attempts to keep the death of a homeless man who was the long-lost heir to a $500 million fortune under wraps but the ensuing media frenzy makes it impossible. Things get even more interesting when another man (Parker Stevenson), this one very much alive, comes forward claiming to be the heir but not wanting any money from the family. Not knowing which is the real heir, Walt begins investigating the death of the homeless man which begins to look more and more like murder. After talking with the heir's family (Kathleen York, Jamison Jones) and a private detective (Matt Roth), Walt puts the pieces of the mystery together and discovers the true identity of the dead man and the reasons behind his murder.

Feeling the guilt of Hector's (Jeffrey De Serrano) death and hearing Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) has hired Malachi (Graham Greene) on as his new head of security, Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) makes the rash decision to jump bail to follow Nighthorse's thug Darius which leads him to an unexpected reunion with Deena (M├Ądchen Amick) and the truth about their relationship and his missing money. The episode's other storyline centers around Branch (Bailey Chase) and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) camping out while searching for signs of David Ridges and having a long overdue discussion about the tactics Branch has begun using searching for the man who left him for dead.

Vic and Branch's altercation leads to more of an understanding than an agreement about the road Branch continues to travel. Meanwhile Henry's choice puts Cady (Cassidy Freeman) in a frustrating situation as she is forced to cover for her missing client until his return. The series overall storyline inches a little further forward as Henry not only gets a picture of Darius but discovers the man has been working for Malachi in Denver for years while the ex-sheriff was in prison (where Walt put him) making Malachi the leading suspect as the man responsible for the death of Walt's wife.

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