Friday, July 18, 2014

Graceland - H-A-Double-P-Y

Mike's (Aaron Tveit) Washington D.C. and Graceland lives collide with the arrival of Jessica Foster (Emily Rose) who puts Paige's (Serinda Swan) investigation into the human trafficking of Eastern European girls on hold while pushing Mike to make a hard connection between Carlito Solano (Erik Valdez) and the drug smuggling in the passenger buses. Forced to physically attack Carlito to stop the crazy would-be drug lord from killing his sister, Johnny (Manny Montana) is forced to go to extremes and play on Carlito's obvious attraction to the undercover agent.

After turning on the crazy Carlito, Johnny's life gets no less complicated when Lucia (Jamie Gray Hyder) turns her attention his way as well and the bust needed to wrap-up Mike's investigation literally goes up in flames along with any hopes of tying Carlito to the drugs any time soon. Stuck in the awkward role he's now carved out for himself within the Solano organization, Johnny will have to find a way keep Carlito's attentions at bay while using both siblings' feelings for him to create one more opportunity to take down the cartel.

However that will have to wait as next week's episode will deal primarily with Paige who, despite having her support pulled for the Solano bust, continues on with the human trafficking investigation with only Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) for back-up. Taking the place of one of the girls who overdoses from a burst heroin balloon, Paige finds herself in real danger as Jakes is arrested by local police for violating the terms of his restraining order and spending an afternoon with his estranged son who shows up on his doorstep looking for answers about his father.

Mike's decision to be honest to Jessica about his feelings for Paige represents a major decision for a character who has spent the majority of his time in Graceland precariously living in a continuous shade of gray. Although the mess Johnny's undercover assignment has become is likely to be touched on next week, the team's attempt to find and rescue Paige is likely to take priority as we'll see how far Mike is willing to go to save the woman he loves.

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