Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Covert Affairs - Embassy Row

Realizing Ivan Kravec (Marton Csokas) is tied to the money behind the Chicago bombing, the CIA send Annie (Piper Perabo) back to Paris to try and find out just how much the former spy knows. Although her cover appears initally intact, things quickly get dicey when Kravec invites Annie to a party at the Russian Embassy where her reputation (killing a longtime CIA double-agent on Russian soil and spending time in, and breaking out of, a secret Russian prison) will certainly precede her. Although Auggie (Christopher Gorham) is able enlist the help of Eric Barber (Dylan Taylor) and another tech to crash the embassy's security system, allowing Annie to make it into the embassy without being immediately arrested, things take a dark turn when Kravec escorts Annie to a private room and drugs his guest and starts demanding answers to who she really is.

Thankfully Annie's luck holds as she runs into Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop), also attending the embassy shindig, who is able to step-in and save Annie's life (even if it does take him longer than she would like). Sadly, not all of Annie's troubles come from Russia and can be solved with the timely arrival of a friend with a gun. While preparing to dump Hayley (Amy Jo Johnson), Auggie learns she's begun investigating Annie's missing time from the CIA. His decision to not break things off with Hayley allows him to stay in the loop on her investigation into Annie but certainly doesn't earn Auggie any points from his new house guest Natasha (Liane Balaban).

Auggie's romantic life is quickly getting a bit too complicated for his own good. In Paris, the episode's final moments continue to build on the trust (and tease the possibility of something more) between Annie and McQuaid who, at least for now, still appears to be one of the good guys. The other subplots involving Calder (Hill Harper) and his friend Maria (Nazneen Contractor) and Joan's (Kari Matchett) concerns over the dangers presented in Arthur's (Peter Gallagher) new job are both given more time although Joan's solution to her problem may prove less likely to come back and bite her in the ass than Calder's decision to keep seeing the prostitute.

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