Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morning Glories #39

Although Morning Glories began with Casey's arrival at Morning Glory Academy she's been largely absent (except glimpses of her Danielle Clarkson years) from most of the recent issues. Morning Glories #39 turns its focus back on the young woman who shows up in Ms. Hodge's office with quite a few questions; she won't like the answers.

Reintroducing Casey's high school rival Isabel as the class school president and enemy within a school which already has far too many for Casey's liking offers a bit of extra incentive for Hodge to push Casey into the next part of her plan. Running for class president seems like an odd waste of energy in a school like Morning Glory Academy, but the rivalry with Isabel and the access the student president receives force a resentful Casey to reconsider. I wonder if we'll get a debate issue (or what student council debate even looks like at the Academy)? This issue also suggests whatever makes Casey stand-out from the rest of the students, at least to Hodge, is more than we've seen in her time-travel adventure to set things right. Worth a look.

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