Monday, July 21, 2014

Fables #142

While those behind the scenes, including Maddy, continue to push Fabletown into a war between Rose Red and Snow White, including a spell which puts the two women in off-setting pairs of magical armor, White is far more concerned with the news that an out-of-control Bigby has been sighted in the Mundy world. In a world where symbolism matters far more than it does it ours, it is important to notice Snow White is cast in the black armor suggesting (at least in the view of the person behind the spell) that she has apparently been cast as the villain in Fabletown's downfall.

Despite Snow White's statement of having no interest into going to war with her sister the comic continues to push the story forward. We are also offered more of Lancelot as Rose Red's lover (and his role as the possible Guinevere in the new story who might betray her to... Snow White?). The shattered Bigby's return muddies the water a bit (or is it the distraction needed to cause the final wedge between sisters?), and we'll have to wait and see how long it takes for Fabletown's various magic users to discern the missing piece of the great wolf is being used to control him. Worth a look.


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