Thursday, July 17, 2014

Perception - Eternity

While being forced to take in his father (Peter Coyote), who was already difficult to live with before his onset of Alzheimer's, Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) is brought in by Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) on a locked room mystery involving a neuroscientist (Paul Cassell) who was murdered inside his own safe room. Leaving Lewicki (Arjay Smith) to deal with a father he never could, Pierce dives head first into a case that will test his distrust of technology and force him to reevaluate just how big a problem his father's mental illness has become (and not just the "humorous" moments like walking around the house naked).

Talking to the man's ex-wife (Christina Cox), assistant, and colleagues (Bahar Soomekh, Adam Garcia), Pierce and Moretti get a feel for the victim's obsession dedication to his work - an artificial intelligence modeled after the dead scientist named L-Dub. Although Pierce's distrust of technology makes him immediately suspect the A.I. of the crime, the true motives for the murder will only come to Pierce's attention after he makes peace with his father.

A competitor (Alex Carter) points Moretti to an anti-technology nutbag (Gregg Binkley) who threatened both companies, but when the device used to kill the victim is link back to his company's rival (who also had an affair with the dead scientist's wife and implanted a spy inside the company to steal its secrets) suspicion falls back on the competitor. However, Daniel correctly reasons taht the person responsible for the death was not the greedy scumbag but the dead scientist himself who was covering up a degenerative mental condition which had begun to threaten both his work and the project he sacrificed everything for.

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