Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 7th Sword #3

Feeling very much like an issue in the middle of an arc which needs to lay the foundation for things to come, The 7th Sword #3 dedicates most of its pages to Daniel Cray, despite his objections to the path Kathleen has chosen, training the recruits of ZenZion and weeding out the group to come up with a handful he feels worthy enough to hold the Malanthe and defend their city.

As you'd expect to find in an action movie, The 7th Sword #3 makes good use of montages to showcase the time spent in training and the number of dwindling volunteers. The issue doesn't deliver much in the way of action, but it does the work to set-up the climactic battle yet to come.

The issue ends with Cray satisfied in his warriors but news of the size of the army Kavanaugh can bring to bear forces Kathleen to ignore the samurai's wisdom yet again and set her technicians to reading the unreliable Hamerhead killing machine to fight alongside the group in hopes of improving their slim odds. Worth a look.


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