Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Longmire - Counting Coup

David Ridges (David Midthunder) plays one mind game too many on Branch (Bailey Chase) which leads to Walt (Robert Taylor) temporary locking up his unstable deputy but also to find proof not only that Ridges is alive but that he has been toying with Branch since the shooting with the support of Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez). After arresting Nighthorse, who fills in the missing pieces to the story of Ridges resurrection and plan to count coup on his enemy, Walt learns Branch's life is still in great danger.

Walt also has the unfortunate role of serving Vic (Katee Sackhoff) her divorce papers, which she takes with remarkably good cheer when the opportunity also allows the sheriff to state his feelings about wanting Vic to remain with the department. Released into the custody of his father (Gerald McRaney), Branch eventually sneaks out (after raiding the old man's armory) to finish his battle of wills against the Ridges. By the end of the episode Branch and Walt will both find themselves marooned in the middle of nowhere, although only one will face the White Warrior for the final time.

In the episode's B-story Henry's (Lou Diamond Phillips) defense hits a snag when the prosecution pushes for the trial to be moved up well before Cady (Cassidy Freeman) has found any evidence which might exonerate her father's best friend. The growing tension of the situation, and Malachi's (Graham Greene) constant preening at his upper hand force Henry to make a drastic move involving the Red Pony that may not help his case (or his future buisness endevours) but it does allow Henry to cross one name off of the list of suspects responsible for the murder of Walt's wife.

Vic's pending divorce and the tease of the possibility of something more between the deputy and sheriff is raised once more, although for the first time possibly more probable than just possible. The Ferg (Adam Bartley) also earns a nice scene standing up for himself and demanding to be taken seriously within the department. "Counting Coup" wraps up the Ridges' storyline (all but its fallout) while leaving the threads involving the increasing pessimism heading into Henry's trial and the truth behind the murder of Walt's wife left hanging leading into next week's season finale.

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