Sunday, July 20, 2014

Robin Rises: Omega

How much you like Grant Morrison and his work on Batman over the past few years will certainly temper your response to Robin Rises: Omega #1 which launches the storyline which will likely bring Damian Wayne back from the dead and re-install him as Robin once more. Much like Morrison's own work, Robin Rises: Omega #1 is overly-complicated, clunky, and unnecessary long winded (can't they just throw the kid in a Lazarus Pit and be done?).

The $5 comic features an extended highlight reel of Damian's story up to this point which leads more than a little like writer Peter J. Tomasi's Morrison fan boy wanking. With a fifth of the comic taken up with the prologue, the story finally offers us into the main conflict by introducing Glorious Godfrey and Apokolips into the question coming between the conflicted sides of Batman and Ra's al Ghul's forces. Stealing Damian's body for a magic crystal hidden inside (because why?), Batman looses the villains when the Justice League shows up (unnecessarily) and forces them to flee back to Apokilips - with Damian's coffin.

Despite decent art by Andy Kubert, the one-shot does nothing to sell me on a story whose outcome I actually want to see (just not further drawn out over many more months). Given my dislike for the New 52 version of Apokolips I'm not looking forward to see those characters get more attention, either. I want Damian back, but that doesn't mean I have to stick around and read the awkward lengthy rebirth DC has planned. Pass.

[DC, $4.99]

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