Thursday, October 10, 2019

Batman & the Outsiders #6

Batman & the Outsiders #6 ends the comic's opening arc with more failure from the Outsiders, and more absence from Batman. The comic picks up the thread of Ishmael and Cassandra Cain and Signal who appear to have been Ra's al Ghul's targets all along. Lured into a trap by Ishmael, the pair discover Lady Shiva waiting for them with a surprise. Although Cassandra survives her mother-daughter reunion, Signal's fate is left up in the air (although Ra's does allude to his plans for the boy, and the rest of Batman's soldiers, as he has chosen a new tactic in his war against the detective).

Not being completely up-to-date on Signal's backstory, it's hard for me to judge the impact of the surprise that Ra's has for the young man. That said, the comic has already demonstarated the Demon's Head has a knack for breaking wills and bending them to his own. Is that what's in store for Signal? And just how far with Cassandra go to prevent this (and take a measure of revenge on her mother's part in Ra's plans)? And will Batman ever suit up in this comic? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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