Monday, October 7, 2019

Titans - Deathstroke

"Deathstroke" picks up from the cliffhanger of "Ghosts" with the Titans learning of Jason Todd's (Curran Walters) kidnapping, although it isn't until after they discover Dr. Light's (Michael Mosley) body that they will learn who has Jason, and what he wants in return. Tensions continue to rise within Titans Tower with the abduction of Jason, Deathstroke's (Esai Morales) offer to trade the new Robin for Rose (Chelsea Zhang), and Dick (Brenton Thwaites) continuing to keep people in the dark. The arrival of Koriand'r (Anna Diop) helps with the later, but there still plenty of problems for the team to work out. Although Raven's power issues have been put on the back burner this year due to the Deathstroke arc, it looks like they are poised to have a larger impact in the remainder of the season.

With the Titans still dysfunctional, and Rose injured from trying to escape the tower after she heard the Titans discussing turning her over to her father, Dick decides to go solo and attempt to trade his life for Jason. Deathstroke has other plans as the episode ends on yet another cliffhanger with the fate of the second Robin hanging in the balance. Will Robin survive?! Tune in next week! Same Titans time! Same Titans channel! Next week may reveal the outcome, although it looks like the show's focus will shift again to the character teased at the end of Season One but who has yet to make an official appearance this year - Conner Kent (Joshua Orpin).

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