Monday, October 14, 2019

Batwoman - The Rabbit Hole

The follow-up to the show's pilot episode features Kathy Kane (Ruby Rose) continuing to use Batman's tech while also attempting to convince her family that Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is her sister Elizabeth. By the end of the episode both sisters will know more about each other, and Kathy will save her half-sister Mary (Nicole Kang) from Alice's jealous wrath. In may ways "The Rabbit Hole" feels like the second-half of the show's pilot. Despite using the tech, Kathy doesen't comprehend what the possible return of Batman to Gotham may mean for the dying city as her main focus is preventing her father from shooting Alice on sight before she has a chance to confirm her sister's identity. The tease for next week suggests our first look at Kathy embracing the cowl and adding the necessary flourishes to allow Batwoman to finally step into the light.

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