Thursday, October 31, 2019

Jack Ryan - Cargo

Set an indeterminate length after the the show's First Season, "Cargo" opens with Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) and Greer (Wendell Pierce) both investigating the same case from different angles. In Moscow, Greer struggles to uncover intelligence about a secret satellite launched from a ship in the China Sea. In Washington, Ryan links the same ship to Russian weapons smuggling and a secret government facility in the politically-unstable Venezuela where the two will meet up once more. Benito Martinez guest-stars as Jack's longtime friend Senator Moreno who, along with Jack, confronts the Venezuelan President (Benito Martinez) who denies any knowledge of the ship, the secret compound, or any smuggling into the country.

The show's Second Season has a very similar feel to the first starting with a hunch that isn't quite enough for the people upstairs and leading to Jack entering the field. The death of Moreno frames the events of the season as both personal and professional for Jack (who was likely the second target of the assassination). As far as assassination attempts go, the half-fulfilled contract is likely to be worse for the killer (Tom Wlaschiha), given that Jack's friendship with the Senator will undoubtedly not let him leave Venezuela without both answers and justice. The premiere also introduces Noomi Rapace as a spy (or at the very least an asset) who plants a bug in Jack's room on the night before he checks out of the hotel (where it couldn't have gotten much, if any, valuable intelligence other than the length of time he showers). Rapace's resemblance to Marie-Josée Croze's character from the show's First Season doesn't go without notice by Jack or the audience, although I'm still unclear how their one-night stand will play into larger events.

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