Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Bull - Fantastica Voyage

Elizabeth Alderfer guest-stars as an entrepreneur facing fraud charges when her partner, and the head scientist in the company's proposed water filtration process, accuses her of lying to investors about the feasibility of it ever being completed. Despite everyone else raising doubts about defending a client who admittedly lied, repeatedly, in order to sell the dream of tomorrow, Bull (Michael Weatherly) takes the case insisting he can find a jury that can look pass the smaller lies in order for the greater good, and truth, being the potentially revolutionary technology. Benny (Freddy Rodríguez) is far less optimistic in their chances.

Alderfer is great here as the charismatic saleswoman with a dream of the future who desperately wants to do good and deliver on her pie-in-the-sky promises. Revelations about her past lies, problems paying college tuition, and the testimony of her partner, however, eventually even have Bull questioning his decision to take the case. Although not technically a win, the conclusion of the case does allow Bull to give his client a chance to back-up her words with time enough to try and see the project through to the finish line. The tie-in with jury foreman is a nice touch (although it was relatively easy to guess which member of the jury wasn't willing to send the starry-eyed inventor to prison).

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