Monday, October 14, 2019

Titans - Conner

After being teased about the character since the end of last season, fans finally get their first look at Superboy (Joshua Orpin) in "Conner." Except for the final few minutes, "Conner" is a standalone episode focused on the history of the character which introduces Cadmus Laboratories and Dr. Eve Watson (Genevieve Angelson) who are responsible for the half-human/half-Kryptonian clone that gives the episode its name. With agents of Lex Luthor hunting him, Conner flees to Kansas but ends up at the Luthor farm instead of that belonging to the Kents. Mostly a blank slate, Conner has flashes of memory from both his genetic father's - Superman and Lex Luthor. The former gives him super-powers while the later offers glimpses of scientific knowledge and a dangerous temper.

"Conner" turns out to be one of the show's best episodes. Because it isn't tied into the Titans timeline until the end of the episode with Conner catching the falling Jason Todd (Curran Walters), it really is completely focused on Conner. The socially-inept Conner has trouble in the world understanding concepts like money. In many ways he is, as the doctor refers to him, the most dangerous infant ever to walk the Earth. Facing the truth about his origins leads to more angry Conner smash, but there's enough of Clark Kent in his genetic makeup that prevents the clone from hurting the doctor or hiding from the world when there are those who needs his help. The episode also offers an appearance by Mercy Graves (Natalie Gumede) but no Lex, who is talked about much of the episode. Mercy's Kryptonite bullets allow for extra motivation for the wounded Superboy to stick around (and give the Titans another valuable ally to fend off Deathstroke's next attack). Sadly, it looks like Krypto's days on the show may be over.

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