Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Batwoman - Down Down Down

While Kate (Ruby Rose) buys a temporary truce with Alice (Rachel Skarsten), Batwoman introduces another Bat-character in Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann). Like most of Gotham, Elliot is obsessed with the news of the return of Batman. Unlike most of Gotham, Elliot's obsession is to kill Batman (who he knows is actually Bruce Wayne). To that end, he's stolen Wayne technology capable of cracking the Bat-suit and is holding hostages demanding his childhood friend make an appearance. Elliot's obsession to Batman makes Kate realize more than just giving Gotham City hope, putting on the suit is also an announcement to Batman's old enemies that the Dark Knight has returned.

As we've seen earlier in the series, the third episode of Batmwoman features quite a few timing issues and some rather large plot holes. After Elliot makes his move, Kate and Luke (Camrus Johnson) spend an absurd amount of time (somehow all taking place in the small window Elliot demanded) not only fixing the hole that Luke shot in the Bat-suit but also rebranding it (complete with red wig) in time for Batwoman's big debut. While I'm glad to see the show get the character in full costume, the logic and follow-through of events is head-scratching at best. Given the limited timeframe, Kate could easily have taken Elliot down in the exising suit, leaving the episode's final sequence to be Batwoman's real coming out party.

There are several subplots here including Mary (Nicole Kang) getting a bodyguard which limits her late-night underground medical pursuits, possible trouble looming in the Moore family, the show continuing to foreshadow darkness surrounding Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis), Kate meeting a potential new love interest (Brianne Howey), and Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) starting to consider the possibility that his other daughter may still be alive. While it looks like Alice will continue to play the role as the series main villain, I'll be curious to see if Elliot will return (and what other Bat-characters the writers have in store).

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