Saturday, October 12, 2019

Stumptown - Rip City Dicks

Dex (Cobie Smulders) attempts to get her new career started by enlisting the help of veteran PI Artie Banks (Donal Logue) to show her the ropes. He ends up showing her far more than she bargained for. The case involves a divorce settlement between their client, a battered wife (Shoshana Bush), and the squeaky-clean husband (Robb Derringer) the pair are hired to find dirt on. The main story works well, although Dex's 70s Starsky & Hutch hallucination misses the mark. Logue turns out to be a nice addition to the cast, and after screwing over both Dex and their client to make some extra money for himself, I'm curious to see where this plot thread goes from here. Of less interest is Hoffman (Michael Ealy) looking into Grey's (Jake Johnson) involvement with the ex-con who just turned up dead, but it doesn't look like this story is getting wrapped-up anytime soon.

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