Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Batwoman - Who Are You?

Kate (Ruby Rose) learns that vigilante work is Kryptonite to burgeoning relationship in "Who Are You?" This likely means we've seen the last of Reagan (Brianne Howey) as a love interest for Kate, which is too bad as Howey and Rose have good chemistry on-screen and the character's bubbly optimism was a nice (albeit short) addition to the show. For the villain of the week, the show brings in Rachel Matthews as the jewel thief Magpie who steals, among other things, Martha Wayne's pearl necklace. The pearls mark another instance where the show works twice as hard to set-up an over-complicated series of events rather than Kate simply choose to use the pearls and lure Magpie into a trap.

She's not bad, but much like the character she's portraying, Matthews is forgettable. Meanwhile, in the ongoing Alice (Rachel Skarsten) storyline the audience, along with Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) learn the truth that the "evidence" of Beth's death years before was fabricated by Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis). Alice's plan of wreaking havoc in the Kane family household appears to be working. Speaking of the rest of the family, the show seems to have forgotten about Sophie's (Meagan Tandy) bodyguard assignment which conveniently allows for Mary (Nicole Kang) to return to her secret clinic and offer support for Batgirl likely leading to another sisterly reunion with Alice in the next episode.

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