Saturday, October 26, 2019

Nancy Drew - The Curse of the Dark Storm

In a (literally) stormy episode, Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) and Nick (Tunji Kasim) will lay their cards on table and do some sleuthing while Nancy mulls over the offer of throwing Nick to the police in order to have her own pending criminal charges expunged. Two more characters get haunted by Dark Alice (Stephanie Van Dyck) in the episode while George (Leah Lewis) gets a visitation of another kind as the "curse" foreshadowed at the end of the previous episode appears to be asserting itself. While the show acknowledges Nancy knowing her father got rid of the old bloody dress (which, why the fuck was he keeping it anyway), it skirts the issue of the older murder for now instead concentrating on more recent events.

After having decided on Nick's innocence only to find a cell phone with messages to the dead woman, the episode's main purpose is to once again clear Nick (at least in Nancy's mind) of Tiffany's murder. Along with discovering an extremely valuable gift that the dead woman left for Nick (at the end of a bizarre scavenger hunt) there's also Nick's confession to the group about the events which sent him to prison and his further confessions to Nancy about his relationship with Tiffany. While the truth turns Nancy all gooey-eyed again for Nick, the relationship between Tiffany and Nick is... odd (at best) as is the scavenger hunt she left for him (somehow knowing she would be dead soon) that it becomes instantly obvious he could never have solved on his own without Nancy's help.

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