Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Event Leviathan #5

The penultimate issue of the six-issue mini-series begins delivering some answers about Leviathan, although the identity of the person behind the mask is still yet to be revealed. Picking up from issue #4's cliffhanger, Lois Lane gets some unhappy news from the secondary group of detectives who have a theory about what is happening. Event Leviathan #5 will likely be remembered for the death of a major Superman supporting character over the years in Sam Lane (who is revealed to be working with, or at least sympathetic to the cause of, Leviathan).

The rest of the issue continues the bickering between the heroes and Superman's interaction with the Leviathan leader inside a trap Spyral originally created to deal with an out-of-control Superboy (should the need ever arise).

Although the identity of Leviathan isn't revealed, we do finally get an appearance by Talia al Ghul and there are hints dropped about the organization's tie to Kate Spencer (and more importantly, the Manhunter tech she uses). With one issue remaining, there's still much to be resolved. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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