Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Prodigal Son - Fear Response

A bizarre murder where the victim was frightened to death before the brain was removed from the corpse leads Malcolm (Tom Payne) to a renown psychologist (Sakina Jaffrey) whose off-the-books experiments have come back to haunt her. Spending a bit of time with the doctor, and discussing fear (such as that which has ruled his life since his childhood) allows for Malcolm to make a breakthrough in the memory fragments of his nightmares (though this will likely only force new questions to be answered). Although Malcolm doesn't visit his father, and refuses to discuss the case over the phone, his relationship with Martin (Michael Sheen) becomes the crux of the episode's B-story as concern for Martin's well-being (and perhaps her own) drives Jessica (Bellamy Young) to see her husband for the first time in decades. A question that has been looming since the series' pilot is now at the forefront of Malcolm's consciousness: just how much did his mother know about his father's hobbies?

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