Monday, October 28, 2019

Once and Future #3

Zombie Arthur has arisen and it's now up to Duncan, his grandmother, and his recent blind date (you remember? the one that ended disastrously in the comic's first issue?), to save the world. No pressure.

Kieron Gillen cleverly brings back Rose into the story as fate has provided her as exactly what Duncan and Bridgette need in their quest to prevent Zombie Arthur from pulling the sword from the stone and becoming King of England. Turns out the pair don't need to do that large of a sales job as someone has done that groundwork for them. And a pair of heroes becomes a trio.

Other than surviving what's been thrown at them, things aren't looking all that bright for our heroes (despite Rose sign-up for the bizarre adventure). Arthur is moments away from retrieving the sword, and the woman responsible for his resurrection has also added her own knight to the new Round Table with a specific task that doesn't bode well for Duncan (or humanity). Worth a look.

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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