Thursday, October 17, 2019

Nancy Drew - The Secret of the Old Morgue

Tensions and grudges start to soften among Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) and her fellow murder suspsects in the show's second episode, despite discovering another member of the group had a motive to want Tiffany Hudson (Sinead Curry) dead. Despite being warned to let the police handle the investigation, Nancy can't help but fall back into old habits and do a little snooping on her own (and by snooping I mean breaking and entering and potentially compromising evidence of a murder). As we saw in the first episode, "The Secret of the Old Morgue" continues the ghostly presence of Dead Lucy (Stephanie Van Dyck) albeit only just out of sight, glimpsed briefly, or seen in a reflection. That said, Nancy still sees the apparition on multiple occasions. Between that and what she finds in her family's attic, Nancy has all the motivation she needs to delve into not one but two separate murder cases (which are linked in ways she has yet to uncover).

Despite the continued appearances of the ghost, the second episode does make imporvements over the pilot episode as it begins to flesh out Nancy's co-workers (Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Alex Saxon) and friend-with-benefits (Tunji Kasim) a bit more. The episode all but confirms Nancy's father (Scott Wolf) was involved in, or is at least complicit in the cover-up of, the town's most famous murder. Although for father and daughter have mended fences for now (even if it did take a heart-to-heart through prison bars after Nancy was arrested for sneaking into the morgue).

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