Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bull - Rectify

When Palmer (Chris Jackson) brings a case to the attention of his friends, Benny (Freddy Rodríguez) discovers that his work for the District Attorney years ago may have led to the incarceration of an innocent man (Malcolm Goodwin). What makes "Rectify" work well is that the show doesn't overreach in terms of a character attempting to fix a past mistake. A minor member of the legal team, Benny isn't solely responsible for the state's case, nor does Eddie (Goodwin) blame him for his incarceration. Instead, the latest episode of Bull focuses on the unusual legal precedent of a former member of the prosecution becoming the lead attorney for the defense on an appeal and searching for the real killer nearly two decades after the original crime.

While the current season has largely been about Bull (Michael Weatherly) questioning his own decision making, "Rectify" offers a nice change of pace. It also makes good use of Palmer who gets to spend more time in court and Geneva Carr, Jaime Lee Kirchner, and MacKenzie Meehan whose characters uncover a key piece of evidence revealing the truth that they, like the prosecution, have been looking at the crime all wrong. Discovering the true motive for the double-homicide will lead the team to the killer and offer their client a second chance.

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