Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Prodigal Son - Designer Complicity

"Designer Complicity" sends Malcolm (Tom Payne) and the police after a stalker when a celebrity (Daniela Braga) tuns up dead, her body elaborately staged to recreate a famous media campaign. While initial suspects point to the woman's boyfriend (Julian Elijah Martinez) and a creepy paparazzi, the truth turns out to be a bit more complicated. Sadly, both the search and the reveal of the killer are upstaged by the murder scene itself. And the murder of the week takes a backseat to Malcolm's obsession about his mother (Bellamy Young) and whether or not she was complicit in his father's (Michael Sheen) murders. The show chooses to show the audience the truth, while allowing the protagonist to accept the lie, leading to an unsatisfying ending for all concerned. At least Prodigal Son can stop teasing Ainsley's (Halston Sage) interest in visiting her father as the reporter shows up for an unexpected visit to close out the episode (no doubt leading to more family drama).

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