Thursday, October 19, 2023

A Haunted Girl #1

Working with his daughter Naomi, Ethan Sacks offers the first issue of the this new four-issue mini-series featuring a troubled 16 year-old adopted Japanese American teen struggling to get back on her feet after a failed suicide attempt which isn't helped by her being visited by all manner of ghosts starting on her 16th birthday. Returning to high school after two months in a psychiatric hospital isn't exactly fun either.

By the end of the issue it's pretty clear that Cleo isn't going mad, but just what she's seeing and what these apparitions want from her isn't yet clear. You can feel the personal father-daughter story in every page, capped by a letter from Ethan to the readers about where this story came from. Halloween time fits well with the release of the first issue, although I'll be curious to see just how long it takes for Cleo to get answers to what is going on and seeing how the pieces begin to fit together.

[Image, $4.99]

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