Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Rick and Morty - Air Force Wong

"Air Force Wong" features a number of callbacks including Rick's (Ian Cardoni) unhealthy friendship with the President (Keith David) fueled mostly on loathing and petty jealousies that is only exasperated when the President takes a romantic interest in Rick's therapist Dr. Wong (Susan Sarandon). Speaking of love in the air, the episode also features the return of Unity (Christina Hendricks) who takes over the entire state of Virginia just to get Rick's attention after he ghosts her following their break-up. Attempts to control the spread of Unity spiral out of control when the needy President sees a way to take control of the hivemind and earn the love, and votes, of the masses.

The wacky episode features an equal amount of vomiting and self-loathing by our characters before all is put right with the world once more. For yet another episode of the season, Morty (Harry Belden) is not included in the larger story with the focus being primarily on Rick who does show some growth here but not enough to find his way towards a comfortable relationship with his ex (who, to be fair brainwashed an entire state just to get his attention). Other callbacks of note are the news mentions of the various disasters which have taken place on the President's watch including space dinosaurs. And, although we don't get to see in on screen, the werewolf monstrosity of the Loch Ness Monster described by the President in certainly of note.

  • Title: Rick and Morty - Air Force Wong
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