Monday, October 30, 2023

Only Murders in the Building - Thirty / Opening Night

In the final two episodes of the season, our podcasters manage to put together the series of events that led to murder of Ben (Paul Rudd) and manage to put on an opening night performance without anyone dying on stage. The bulk of the investigation takes place in "Thirty," named for being Mabel's (Selena Gomez) thirtieth birthday which she spends happily with Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) coming up with a new suspect that is neither Dickie (Jeremy Shamos) nor Loretta (Meryl Streep). In the season finale, the trio manage to get their easiest confession yet, although it turns out not to be the full story.

The shenanigans of the the pair of episodes go a bit overboard at times (such as the painfully bad attempts of our podcasters to sneak into a back room of a store looking for answers and Mabel in a wedding dress), but the episodes do the work to wrap up all the loose ends and explain who attempted to poison Ben and who pushed him down the elevator shaft. Our finale also features the return of several familiar faces in cameo roles such as Jackie Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, and Jane Lynch. As with the end of the previous season, we get an epilogue that sets up a new murder in the building for next season, one that will strike home for one of the podcasters in particular.

  • Title: Only Murders in the Building - Thirty / Opening Night
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