Monday, October 23, 2023

Archer - Mission Out of Control Room

Lana's (Aisha Tyler) choice to spend money on a state-of-the-art control room to control three missions simultaneously goes, of course, horribly wrong. Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and Cyril (Chris Parnell) have little trouble in the least-stressful of the three locations where malware needs to be uploaded simultaneously (and Archer gets lucky, even in New Jersey). Zara Khan (Natalie Dew) and Krieger (Lucky Yates) also hit it off creating an unexpected friendship. Even the bickering Pam (Amber Nash) and Ray (Adam Reed) manage to fulfill their part of the mission. And Lana learns a valuable mission about leadership... then leaves her teams without methods of escape by listening to the only other employee who stayed behind (and gave food poisoning to all the techs). Whoops! Even with all of her fancy tech, an Agency mission proves to still be an Agency mission.

  • Title: Archer - Mission Out of Control Room
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