Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Sonic the Hedgehog: Halloween Special

The holiday-themed one-shot opens with Espio and Vector preparing to take Charmy Bee out trick-or-treating only to have a knock at the door alerting them that someone is stealing Halloween candy. The pair are joined by Sonic and Tails who, of course, just happen to be flying by and spot the trio searching in the woods as the group works together to find the monster and the missing candy.

Our intrepid team eventually find the monster in the woods only to discover it's a group of kids playing a prank and stealing the candy for themselves. After a brief altercation, our heroes explain to the kids their mistake giving the comic a nice message about sharing before the entire group comes together to give the candy back to the local children. Sonic and Tails seem oddly forced into a story here, almost as an afterthought, but otherwise Sonic the Hedgehog: Halloween Special is a fun issue fit for all ages.

[IDW, $4.99]

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