Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Bob's Burgers - The Pickleorette

"The Pickleorette" is an example of a common trope on Bob's Burgers where one of the members of the family gets them involved in a situation that quickly snowballs taking poor Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) along for the ride. In this case it's Linda (John Roberts) attempting to make up for accidentally burning Gretchen's (Larry Murphy) lookbook by bending over backward to help Gretchen throw a sloppily-planned bachelorette party for her sister Jestain (Rachel Dratch) in which none of her bridesmaids can attend and the strip club where the event was meant to conclude turns out to be closed for fumigation.

Dragged into acting as the chauffeur with a fake accent, Bob drives the small group of women around while attempting to find an alternative to their strip club problem culminating in a pathetic voicemail which eventually produces results. With the babysitter unavailable, Linda puts Tina (Dan Mintz) in charge of Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) allowing her to force the siblings to play a Veterinary board game found on the street which she soon comes to regret. The episode lacks either the big laughs or big emotional moment to make it a standout, but does focus on the good nature of the Belcher family attempting to help (albeit with mixed results) and some fun individual moments for Bob and Tina.

  • Title: Bob's Burgers - The Pickleorette
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