Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Vigil #5

The Vigil #5 answers the question just what is the Vigil? Where do they come from? And what is their higher purpose? Unable to hide the truth from his team any longer, Dr. Sankaran explains his past trapped in a higher reality with Dr. Maddison Cypris and Dr. Feistus Hep after an experiment went wrong. Finding themselves apart from the world, but able to manipulate reality in multiple ways, Hep quickly becomes power mad and obsessed with bending reality to his will.

It turns out the Vigil were Dr. Sankaran's protection against Hep's madness. Heroes created from his own imagination to stand the line and protect reality. Let's just say some members of the team take the news that they were created by a would-be god better than others. The comic also introduces a new character in the 12 year-old Castle who may play a key role in events, although it turns out his creator wasn't Sankaran. A heady fifth issue leading several characters to a crossroads prior to the battle to come.

[DC, $3.99]

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