Thursday, October 19, 2023

Nights #1

On an alternate timeline, it's the turn of the new millennium, Florida is owned by Spain, there are only 31 states within the United States, and supernatural creatures such as ghosts and vampires are not only quite real but also known and accepted by the general public. And you thought Florida was crazy in our reality. And it's in this world that newly-orphaned Vince Okonma steps after losing his parents.

Most of Vince's first night in Florida is spent with his crazy sort-of-cousin's roommate Matt. Over the course of the night he'll see his first ghost and meet his first vampire. Also a roommate of his cousin, the recently fired Gray (who, despite being a vampire, may be the worst pizza delivery person ever) scares the shit out of poor Vince before befriending him and getting him involved in a little light thievery just to fuck with a local. It's to no one's surprise that in five years with his teenage hormones raging, Vince would grow up with a crush on her.

The first 28 pages are a crazy ride for Vince, and the reader, getting thrown into the deep end of a new world and quickly finding time to tread water. From there, the comic unexpectedly jumps 5 years into the future where this crazy reality has become the new normal for Vince. However, under the surface things are a bit shaky with both his cousin Ivory (who may or may not be schizophrenic but certainly does kill people for a living) and with Gray who, from the tease we get at the end of the issue, may just cause end the world. 

For a comic that portends the apocalypse, and includes a couple of murders, Nights #1 is both sweet and quite funny. I'm not sure if every issue will jump around this much on the timeline, or if we'll stay in the five-years later period going forward working our way to what the final page suggests. Either way, there's quite a bit here to explore in the unusual cast of characters Vince now considers family and the not so quiet foreboding of trouble on the horizon.

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