Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Superior Spider-Man Returns

Setting up the new volume of Superior Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man Returns gives us a confused Otto Octavius attempting to put his fragmented memories of his time as Spider-Man together and discovering, while his consciousness was in control of Peter Parker's body, he may have just completed his life's work of harnessing the power of a sun. Well... not exactly.

The one-shot gives us more of Doc Ock's version of Spidey in the flashbacks that make up the majority of the issue as well as the origin story for a new villain who blames Spider-Man (not knowing it was Doc Ock's Spider-Man who she was working for) for her tragic transformation and subsequent imprisonment. Looks like the Doc's legacy has left at least one more problem for Peter. While this helps inform the story launching in the new series, I don't think there's anything all that important you'd miss by skipping this pricey one-shot.

[Marvel, $6.99]

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