Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Dante's Hotel

Dante's Hotel is one hell of a dumb horror movie about Father Time (a looming figuring in a Spirit Halloween Grim Reaper costume) taking 12 souls every 12 years from a downtown hotel on New Year's Eve without any trace of bodies and always leaving the same survivor (Judd Nelson) for police to question. New Year's Eve comes again with recovering alcoholic Goldie (AnnaLynne McCord) being the hostess for a party from which the malevolent spirit will choose a dozen new victims.

There's a tradition in horror movies being filled with characters too dumb to live and that's certainly on display with the guests and Moon Bloodgood as a police detective ignoring everything she sees that doesn't fit her preconceived notion that the troublesome Brayer (Nelson) is somehow responsible for dozens of murders. Eventually Goldie agrees to work with Brayer to try and prevent Father Time from collecting all 12 victims leading into a CGI-heavy twist (which is at least better than the modest practical effects) before the film mercifully draws to a close.

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