Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Archer - Face Off

Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Cyril (Chris Parnell), Zara Khan (Natalie Dew), Krieger (Lucky Yates), and Pam (Amber Nash) go undercover at plastic surgery resort in search of an elusive criminal who no one knows what he actually looks like. It takes almost no time at all for the Agency team to get distracted with Archer's confidence plummeting after a doctor informs him his body can't take much more of his hard living, Krieger corrupts one of the doctors, and Cyril gets some unnecessary surgery done on his calves.

Lots of zaniness over the course of the half hour with Archer loosing, and then rediscovering, his wanton abandon (and getting shot several times and attacked by a sloth only to consider himself lucky), the horrific result of Krieger's influence, and the craziness back in the office with Lana (Aisha Tyler) discovering some unforeseen trouble when trying to take the Agency legit (as it appears their crazy web of bribes and blackmail is all that is keeping civilized society from descending into chaos).

  • Title: Archer - Face Off
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