Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Irrational - Dead Woman Walking

The concept of a poisoned client hiring a detective to solve their murder comes up more often than you would expect in detective fiction. Elementary played with versions of the idea more than once including "Possibility Two." In "Dead Man Walking," Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) is hired by a well-known investigative journalist (Amy Aquino) to discover who has poisoned her with a radioactive biproduct for which there is no known cure. The case is hampered by a lack of suspects making it all too easy to guess her partner (Fred Ewanuick) is our killer, although it takes our characters longer to come to that conclusion. The story hits home for Alec's assistant Phoebe (Molly Kunz) allowing the show to fill in a bit of her backstory as well. A fine, if not too memorable, episode (although the grizzly bear experiment is a nice use of the show's concept).

  • Title: The Irrational - Dead Woman Walking
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