Friday, October 13, 2023

Darkwing Duck #9

The search for Launchpad's missing compass continues without any new leads as Darkwing Duck #9 offers a middle issue in the larger arc primarily centered around the terror who flaps in the night getting more and more agitated. However, news of a crime spree in St. Canard forces Darkwing Duck back home where the new thefts shine a light on his search.

Despite wanting to work alone, Darkwing Duck relies on the help of Gizmoduck and Morgana in the issue, he's also helped out by Stegmutt and even Herb Muddlefoot whose recent purchase may prove to be the clue to crack the entire case. However, to recover the lost items, Darkwing will need to ask for the help of one other person: Neptunia who has as little interest in teaming with Darkwing as he has for working with her.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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