Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Wilderness - The Other Woman

Only two episodes into the series, the revenge subplot gets further derailed when Cara (Ashley Benson) and her boyfriend show up on the same nature trail as Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). The awkward foursome head off on a trail together and band together a bit more after Will takes a tumble in the woods and his distraction leads to their car being stolen putting all four under the same hotel roof. We also get flashbacks to quite a bit of Liv stalking Cara in the weeks prior to the trip. Laying the melancholy on thick, after offering us a reason to root for murder at the end of the first episode, the second simply makes us sad for everyone involved.

The episode is notable for a couple of real moments between Liv and Cara, the first involving what's said and the later talk in the hotel dinning room for what is understood, and of course Liv's drunken rage in the final minute of the episode. That said, the grouping of the foursome in the woods feels incredibly unlikely even for a scripted drama and events here just get in the way of the premise the show took an entire hour to sell to audiences during the previous episode. Liv's actions at the end of the episode will have repercussions but sadly pretty far removed from what the show teased us only one episode before.

  • Title: Wilderness - The Other Woman
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