Monday, October 9, 2023

Usagi Yojimbo: Ice and Snow #1

Usagi Yojimbo returns to Dark Horse Comics for the first issue of this five-issue arc set in the northern mountains. We get two stories here coming out of Usagi's last arc in IDW. First, we see Miyamoto Usagi and Yukichi working their way through the mountains after their latest adventure. They will be attacked by local bandits hoping to relieve the travelers of food and gold. After the brief skirmish Usagi is drawn to a cabin in the woods where a shy host offers them shelter, although it appears she may have more than their best interests at heart.

The other storyline also takes place in the cold of the mountain with Jei and Keiko working their way through the mountains, encountering some bandits of their own, on their way to an inevitable reunion with our rabbit ronin. The setting may be cold and icy, but things are quickly heating up. 

[Dark Horse, $4.99]

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