Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Space Usagi: Yokai Hunter

Kicking off a new set of Space Usagi adventures, the one-shot Space Usagi: Yokai Hunter begins not in space but in the forest where Miyamoto Usagi helps a pair of travelers being attacked by yokai spirits who have kidnapped their daughter. Tracking them to a haunted castle, Usagi battles a series of challenges including henchman moving too fast for him to see (but not too fast to cut down with his sword), a weeping ghost, a spider bride, and a demon cat, only to run into a familiar enemy at the top of the castle.

The action from the first-half of the issue is fast and furious culminating with Usagi's faceoff with Jei before a twist revealing the entire story is being read by one of Usagi's descendants in the far future working both provide a classic tale and create a bridge for the new series of adventures in the far future for Usagi's descendants. Plus, how adorable is that variant cover from Agnes Garbowska!

[Dark Horse, $4.99]

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