Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Giant Robot Hellboy #1

Without prelude or explanation, Giant Robot Hellboy #1 kicks off with Hellboy being set up and kidnapped off the street in 1967 London. Taken to laboratory run by a mysterious, but obviously well-funded, group, Hellboy is strapped into a machine just as half a world away a giant box is delivered to an island of the eastern coast of Africa next to a mysterious bunker full of dead bodies and mutant spiders. And so the odd adventure begins.

Inspired by some of Mike Mignola pencil drawings that went viral, the comic gives us the giant robot Hellboy breaking out of the crate and stumbling around only to get pounded by a large Godzilla-like monster while another member of this secret organization searches inside the abandoned bunker. Given the absolute craziness of the concept, throwing the reader right into the middle without explanation (kind of like how Hellboy must feel) offers plenty of off-the-wall fun. Now comes the hard part in making this story make sense.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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