Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Morning Glories #35

Offering another issue centered around a single student, the latest issue of Morning Glories turns its attention to Fortunato Medeiros who faces danger from the Academy both in the past and present. Luckily for Fortunato, as a child he was lucky enough to have a guardian angel in the time-traveling Casey Blevins. In the present, however, poor Fortunato has to face the wrath of Georgiana Daramount all on his own.

Although the comic gives us Casey kicking some serious ass as Dainelle Clarkson, and has some nice moments between the older Casey and younger Fortunato, Morning Glories #35 is by far one of the darkest issues of the comic's run featuring an incensed Daramount whipping and even blinding the young man in an attempt to reassert her power and status in the school.

Daramount certainly takes a dark turn here, reverting closer to how she was originally presented, but her the level of her viciousness with Fortunato (someone the Academy obviously prizes) is more than a little perplexing. For fans.

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